About Us

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Vince Transit Group is a world’s leading logistic service company. We have a wide experience in overland industry specific logistic solutions like pharmaceutical logistics, retail different kinds of products and automotive logistics by train or road.

We bring your goods safely to worldwide destinations with our great sea fright services. We offer LLC and FLC shipments that are fast and effective with no delays.

We strongly believe that pursuing all of these goals is in our interest and in the interest of all of our stakeholders are us customers, employees, investors and the planet as a whole. We add value to cargo people’s interaction with us, with excellent services or products.

[fh_feature_box title=”Our Mission” order=”4″]We meet our customers’ demands for a personal & profesional service by offering innovative supply chain solutions.[/fh_feature_box]
[fh_feature_box title=”Our Vision” order=”4″]We proactively and constantly look for new possibilities. Therefore, an important part of our vision is to attract & retain.[/fh_feature_box]
[fh_feature_box title=”Core Values”]Procedures, values and attitudes are crucial to our reputation – not to mention the success we enjoy.[/fh_feature_box]
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[fh_icon_box icon_type=”theme_icon” icon=”flaticon-international-delivery” style=”2″ position=”center” title=”Global supply Chain”]International express deliveries; global freight forwarding by air, sea, road and rail; warehousing solutions from packaging, to repairs, to storage; mail deliveries worldwide.[/fh_icon_box]
[fh_icon_box icon_type=”theme_icon” icon=”flaticon-people” style=”2″ position=”center” title=”24 Hours Support”]Our team is ready to help you every day, 24 hours/day. Just send us an email, or call us ….. it is done[/fh_icon_box]
[fh_icon_box icon_type=”theme_icon” icon=”flaticon-route” style=”2″ position=”center” title=”Mobile Shipment Tracking”]Use your unique tracking number and track your shipment along the way[/fh_icon_box]
[fh_icon_box icon_type=”theme_icon” icon=”flaticon-open-cardboard-box” style=”2″ position=”center” title=”Careful Handling”]VTG Cargo are transported at some stage of their journey along world’s roads.[/fh_icon_box]
[fh_icon_box icon_type=”theme_icon” icon=”flaticon-alarm-clock” style=”2″ position=”center” title=”Time On Door Delivery”]We Offers intellgent concepts for road & tail well as complex special services.[/fh_icon_box]